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Comment 27th July 2010

here are some ideas for you from nicolas rayner;
i wrote before saying i would like to work with you.
some extra ideas, please re-address the claims to
sanity with cannabis campaign from the republic of
consha, we have a stable connection with mental
health teams that well considered cannabis use
with a sensible dose can help releave all tensions
and signs of schitzophremic suffering as it acutally
perfectly ups the users experience of what maybe
the story telling prinicples of internal storytelling;
life can be disorderly and users find that smoking
increaces wonder to creative practicalities
of doing things that are interesting.

by de criminilising cannabis you may allow the innocent
smokers their freedom to grow and use cannabis as a healing
herb and not an illegal drug. its clarity of percept mystical
apparance can bring enlightment.

it could also be sensible to sell, as like in america cannabis
from a chemist, at £20 for 3 grammes street level your bound
to make society a great deal of money providing a new stability
to our economy that will revitalise the face of britian, its what
keeping us all pinned in economic depression when it coulld be bought
to be de criminalised and sold, as per se with all other drugs;
we are calling for you to legalise all drugs for psychic and
celebration use; this will mean perfecting the prescription
of street drugs at sensible doses where we know what has gone
directly into the tablet, as an ex-drug user and current
mental health patient i recoginise that some of my experiences
were poisoned by pollutant chemicals not for human consumption,
because we don't know what we're selling. as a former youth worker
and producer of raya and the causeffect gig in ludlow spoke person
and co-ordinator of the faith council of the republic of consha.
we could be a european revolution if we are careful with how we
prescribe a dose within a 24hr period, with actual information
from the actual street.

essentially we are interested in opening a consha centre where
people can take all natural plants and or extracts for consumption
for help in recovery of relaxation; mind exploration or artistic
creatve endeavour. a place where festival is the focus;
we have spoken about having some land at an
site where the republic of consha may be able to have some
land for a community. and possible trial for such a centre.

please feel free to consult me for any advice on these matters.
hope we can work close together in the near future.

plus new peoples bank to be tax free haven yet you have no interest,
you have to have jobs but can get bonds in exchange for practical ideas.
couldn't we use the bank so that the interest goes toward public funds
INSTEAD of taxes – sure we would all then support paying off national dept,
why not end war here and now, forge relations for rebuilding afganistan
with nato and or the un forged with uk and us troops – we cannot promote the
use of music enough to stimulise culture, please encourage it the new labour
did a dire job and killed it off, you seem more vibrant.

nicholas rayner.

Why does this matter?

as it effects so many people in todays society, i had a difficult decision whether to section my article under a civil liberty or this. with the proper precautions we would be able to ensure cannabis is consumed in the most approiate manner and that people who suffer cannabis psychosis are able to get to open information and help with thier problem for the few who actually suffer with the problem of psychosis should be aware as many are with alcohol. By decriminilising the plant we would be able to allow the real information to come to the surface instead of playing down such a aide to the psychic realm and hiding its true potential under the guise of a drug. Its a plant, a herb with magical properties and can be used in all manner of trade; the tax issue is a biggie but its actual place in society should have far greater respect from governing bodies.

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