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Medical?OrRecreational?Both Will Work

Comment 15th March 2013

Either legalize cannabis for recreational use or as a Medical drug. I have been to Amsterdam and i could actually walk into a shop and buy cannabis without worrying whether i will be locked up for it, it makes sense. Ask yourself this why is alcohol and tobacco still legal when they kill many many more people than cannabis? Or go the American way and legalize medical cannabis and sell it as a pharmaceutical Drug. We need to get out of our Daily Mail mind set when we look at cannabis, and look at it in Hope and NOT FEAR.. If cannabis is not legalized then i want alcohol and tobacco to be made illegal…. If cannabis is tolerated in Amsterdam and sold, then why can't it be done Here?

Why does this matter?

Because its time to stop looking at cannabis in fear and start looking at it in Hope, and so that i dont have to Fear about going to Jail because i want to relax and have a joint once and a while, like you would have a beer or a glass of wine, I am an adult and it is my life why should i have the fear of going to prison because i like to free my mind… Cannabis does less damage than alcohol and tobacco, Either Legalize it, tax it and sell it or, make it a medical thing. it is time to stop this crazy war on cannabis im sick and tired of people living in fear… Look at cannabis as a Hope, and Not Fear and dont believe everything that the Media tells you…

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