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Medicines Act 1968

Comment 13th July 2010

the section which deals with prescribed medicines is too onnerous – its an offence to give prescribed medicines to a child even if they are literally dying in front of you


the problem for me is asthma, running a cubs group requires all children to have an asthma plan and bring their own inhaler not allowed to share one, have to self administer even if in mid attack, have to phone their parents and ask permissioin to give ventolin even if they are mid attack this may delay treatment by a few minutes and lead to death


in reality i could keep a single subutemol inhaler / ventolin is harmless and universal anyone could take it you dont need a personal inhaler for half the class who have astham


asthma is on the rise and this is a real problem at all schools, sports clubs etc, lets have a single inhaler in a central place for all kids to use it will save lives

Why does this matter?

save childrens lives

save money

reduce burden on small clubs

allow more out of bounds childrens activities

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