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minimum wage

Comment 19th July 2010

"I think the Government should phase out the minimum wage .this would result in giving persons on benefit the ability to put forward thier own price for a particular job….Most of the jobs on offer at the Local Jobcentres are cleaning positions.The fact here then,.. is that you have a situation where most jobseekers can"t  compete on price,so the value, of say, a cleaning position, becomes artificial (determined by employment agencies) Jobseekers need to compete…yes…and the only way they can achieve this is to have a free hand once again in the "pounds per hour stakes",convincing employers they can do the job for £4.75..!"

Why does this matter?

This would result in more jobs for "unemployed people"(removing the monopoly from employment agencies)..and…. at the same time……. jobseekers would be offering something that employers understand…a reduction in thier cleaning budget…Do you agree…?…(on benefit by the way)

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