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modernize census and military record laws

Comment 2nd July 2010

Bring census and military records in to line with parliamentary records and make them public after 30yrs 

Why does this matter?

Everybody has the right to knowledge and learning, so why do we have to wait a 100yrs for census records to be made public and 80yrs for military records, family and local history is a growing army of people who are interested in their forebears and life in the 20th century, the Americans can can see a census after 75yrs or the 1930's we cannot get past 1911 and military records relating to Vietnam and Korea while we cannot get past the great war of 1914/18, so why all the secrecy, I agree with special dispensation for Northern Ireland but its been 60 to 70yrs since Korea, National Service and World War II and most of those on the 1921 and 1931 census that I am told was destroyed by fire, are either dead or knocking on heavens door, so what would happen in 2031 and 2041 with the present system would we allow for the war and a fire and jump to 1951 and 61 or have to wait 30yrs between the release of the 1921 census and the 1951 census


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