Modify the smoking ban in pubs

The blanket smoking ban should be modified.  Basically, even as a smoker, I agree that smoking should be banned from work places, public transport, and other areas where there are non-smokers especially children.

However, I think that pub owners and landlords should be able to choose whether or not their adult establishment should be smoking or non-smoking.  For example, a 'child-friendly' pub or a pub that serves cooked food should be non-smoking, but old-fashioned pubs which are for adults only and do not serve food should be allowed to choose.  Bar staff as well would be able to choose whether they want to work in a smokefree environment or not – remember, we do not need Nanny-Dearest to make these choices for us.

Why does this idea matter?

Hundreds of pubs have closed due to the smoking ban adding to the national problems with unemployment and lack of revenue.  Personally, I rarely go into pubs these days, especially in the winter, as I have no desire to stand outside like a streetwalker so I can have a cigarette.

There is no reason why, if properly signed, adults cannot make choices about which type of pub they want to spend time in.  The majority will want to spend time in a smokefree environment, especially when eating, but a significant minority would like to be able to socialise with other adults in an environment where we are not attacked with garlic and holy water just for lighting up.

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