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More money for the government greater efficiency and less criminals

Comment 11th August 2010

If someone os on the dole they get their money for the first 2 months after that they have to work for the local council for 20 hours  a week to keep recieving their payments, this would help cut council costs and also help clean up the country.

Anyone being convicted and sent to prison has also to pay a fine, anyone under 30 who gets a prison sentence of 2 years doesn't go to jail they go to the army and are fast tracked to Afgahnistan, if they desert thier prison sentence is trebled. not only will this reduce the number of prisoners but will boost the Army. Crime should not pay.

Child benefit should be limited to the first 3 children !! all allowances should have a limit where it does not make sense not to work if you can. I can give an example of a divorced mother who with all her benefits and ex husbands payments works 20 hours a week and takes home over £1800 a month, where is the encouragement for her to work any more.

Anyone coming to live in Britain should 1, be able to speak the language 2, should have a job, 3, If neither of these apply they should have sufficient funds to survive without government assistance. Apply the same rules as Australia does.

Rather than clamp down on the banks they should be encouraged to make profits which will in turn boost the share price and in time increase the governments share value high enough to wipe out all the countries debt, I am sure you have thought of that but are  keeping it quiet.




Why does this matter?

It will reduce council costs, improve the benefit system, reduce crime, and eventually reduce the countries debt.

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