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more restrictions on advertising/sales

Comment 29th July 2010

i would like to see less advertising and more restrictions on large corporations

Why does this matter?

because much of it is manipulative on a psychological level and is created this way by design. it attempts to pursuade the public to part with their hard earned money when normally they wouldn't. i understand companies need to advertise their products but the extent at which they can do this and the methods they use should be very restricted as times are hard enough as it is without the extra pressure to spend spend spend.

For example, since i have been in credit with the bank everytime i enter the branch i am hit with "can i interest you in a mortgage or a loan or this that or the other" and it makes me so angry as i do not like to be badgered into spending when i have no intention of parting with my money. if i want a mortgage or a loan i will do it off my own back and not because ive been badgered into it.

i would also like to see more restrictions/guidelines on large corporations as i feel many of them offer very poor customer services and have little care for the average man once theyve got them in their grasp. many call centre operators i have spoken to recently, particulaly from banks – but also from other service providers, have been rude and seemingly as unhelpful as they can be. it seems we are duped and mislead at every turn into spending more than we bargained for with such companies, and sorting it all out can be such a headache and a drain on valuable time.

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