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Comment 3rd August 2010

Have a complete sort out of the stupid MOT test areas, such as "the indicator light buld is not Yellow enough. 

Rules about bodywork that are not part of the safety structure of the car. (I understand that a lot of the so called "failure" points have been put forward by the MOT testers association to make money for their members).

Chips in windscreens. You see cars on the TV, on European roads with big cracks in the screen and nothing happens to them 

Why does this matter?

Bodywork. There are some areas that are not safety critical, but are deemed to be so even though there has been no tests done to prove that a rust area is unsafe.

Indicator lights, just a money making scam for the MOT association's members

Chipped windscreen, just look at the scaremongering adverts you get on TV . Once again a money making scam for the MOT association and the screen companies.

EC Council directive, 96/96/EC, Chapter 1, Article 1, states:-

"In each member state, motor vehicles registered in that state & their trailers shall undergo periodic roadworthiness tests in accordance with this directive & in particular its annexes 1 & 2".

There is a test required to be carried out every 2 years, and the items to be tested are considerably lower than the current rip off MOT test.

There has also been items added to the MOT that have not been publicised so when the "rip off" is due, although you think your car will pass, it does not because of some stupid technicallity, that has been brought about by this "association".

There is also another "worry" creeping in, no doubt with the blessing of the MOT testing association and that is the issue of "advisory notices" with every MOT.  These notices try to frighten the public into having unnecessary work carried out or having work carried out where it is not necessary at that time.

The MOT is one big rip off and scam and it is time it had a complete overhaul.

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