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Motorcycle Exhaust Noise Levels

2 Comments 13th July 2010

As a motorcycle rider of 39yrs experience and a car driver of 30yrs i feel the laws and mot rules on motorcycle exhaust noise levels are an out dated and dangerous.

If a motorcycle is quiet,a pedestrian or other motorist(car and loud hi fi),are 100% unaware of where the motorcycle is or of it's excistence.Loud motorcycles attract attention and thus heighten others awareness off their prescence resulting in less accidents-"i did'nt see the bike/hear the bike".Also if a person was acting illegally on a loud motorcycle,police are able to track the motorcycle by the noise.

I have always had loud exhausts and i have only ever had one accident of a van turning and colliding with me-i had a brand new bike with quiet exhausts and am certain that if the loud exhausts had been fitted i would not have been hit.

So as you are looking at reducing the amount of unnesassary laws,please consider this as a safety issue.

Why does this matter?

To save lives of motorcyclists and padestrians.

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2 Responses to Motorcycle Exhaust Noise Levels

  1. miichael maylor says:

    Ah…Last Week A Loud Motorcycle Passed Me Doing 150 Plus. I Almost Strayed Into The Path Of An Oncoming Police Vehicle With Full Blues n’ Two’s On. I Never Heard It Coming.. Was This Just The Doppler Effect? Answers Please On The Back Of A Fag Packet.

  2. GBH says:

    The USA doesn’t allow anything like the insane decibels our two-wheelers put out. Not even Harley hogs.
    Sound is a weapon. Little kids’ hearing can be permanently affected when one of these pathetic specimens of mounted macho egotism goes by in a tight street with the ear-splitter levels of a jet engine.
    Well done Britain, looking after the peeps as usual, we see.

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