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Comment 26th July 2010

Town centre CCTV cameras are accepted as being a good means to combat crime and anti social behaviour.  They are now used to enforce parking tickets often where the vehicle driver may commit a momentary breach of regulations.

These cameras should only be premitted for use in the prevention and detection of crime and not a breach of local regulations.

Their use has become disproportionate and no longer achieve the object of thier instalation.

Why does this matter?

Trust in the motive for these systems is being lost.  In town centres the CCTV may be a valuable asset to fight crime.  However, in the UK we believe policing is by consent and not many citizens would view the use of CCTV as a reasonable means of checking minor parking offences in public places.

It is now viewed these systems are money generators therefore the integrity and support for the systems is being eroded and their true value being distorted.  The use of these systems in entertainment ie TV programmes also devalues the importance of the equipment.

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