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MPs and the Civil Service

Comment 23rd August 2010

MPs are essentially Civil Servants.  They should be paid, have allowances – with the requirement for receipts, and audit of expenses – and have pensions exactly as a Civil Servant.  And they should be expected to conform to the Civil Service code.

Secondly, why on earth pay an MP when he leaves the House, or leaves office ESPECIALLY if he is effectively removed from same because of dishonesty or bad behaviour eg Peter Mandelson, David Blunkett (much as I respect Mr Blunkett for his achievements).

Why does this matter?

We, the taxpayer, are rewarding people exceptionally.  Why?  Very few have 'given' (note: been paid for) exceptional service to this country.

The impression at the moment is of a glorious gravy train for MPs, even accepting some/most spend hours sorting out constituents problems.

I do acknowledge there are those who accept higher office and are able to take on the detailed briefs prepared for them, to best information and advantage.

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