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Multiple C.R.B. Checks

Comment 9th July 2010

My daughter worked for two teacher supply agencies and then a local authority. She had to have three separate C.R.B. checks within 12 months.

My wife retired as a teacher and then applied to a teaching agency, also volunteering to assist with reading at a school.  She had to have two separate C.R.B. checks, despite having retired holding a current form.

My wife now has to have further C.R.B. checks as she has been with both the agency and the voluntary group for three years and her certification is about to expire.

This is not sensible nor efficient. It is similar to being required to have a separate driving licence to drive through the various towns and counties of this country.

I also doubt the efficiency of the whole system, as all it proves at best, is that someone has not been caught

Why does this matter?

The system is inefficent and costly, alienates volunteers and there is little or no evidence that it actually protects children from offenders.

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