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Comment 13th July 2010

As recent events in Northumbria have shown, the law against murder is extremely costly to implement. It can also make criminals of ordinary people, including the police on occasion. There is also little evidence that a ban on murder makes any difference to the overall rate, and can actually drive murderers underground, literally speaking in the case of Raoul Moat!

I therefore suggest scrapping the ban on murder. All existing prisoners serving sentences for this crime could be released, and given alternative employment in A4E and other "welfare-to-work" organisations, as well as the government's putative boot camps for the unemployed.

What could possibly go wrong?

Why does this matter?

My idea is important in that it would raise much-needed revenue for the government, as well as lifting the burden on the prison system and easing overcrowding. The released murderers, unjustly imprisoned for what should never have been a crime in the first place, could then go and do their bit to address Britain's unemployment crisis.

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