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National Day

Comment 5th July 2010

I propose that the UK should have a national day to celebrate all things great about our country. Singapore has set an excellent example on how to promote a sense of national pride, with their yearly celebrations in the month of August – we should copy this.

I propose that a date towards the end of July be chosen as national day and this day be declared a public holiday. During the whole month of July various national events should be held around the country (and union jack flags be flown) culminating in a parade/grand performance in a stadium where representatives from front line services (nurses, police, firemen, army, navy, etc) and volunteer groups march in uniform in front of the Queen. Yearly honours might also be announced during this ceremony. We might also want to include yearly themes to remember key moments of our history.

This would help to restore some respect for our country and for the people that work in critical roles. In the long run, I think the social and financial benefits would more than cover the costs of organising this and bringing it into our national curriculum.

Why does this matter?

1. It is a chance to restore a sense of national pride

2. It is an opportunity to enhance the respect that we have for others, hopefully leading to lower crime rates and more people taking responsibility for their own lives (rather than blaming others and claiming benefits from the state).

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