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Neighbourhood Policing Teams

Comment 9th July 2010

Neighbourhood Policing Teams are made up of police Officers and police community Support Officers. The PCSO has no real powers and if you like, you can tell them to take a hike.

This being the case why have them more police officers would be better however if we must have these PCSO’s then at least make them earn their living.

A PCSO earns £18K a year plus shift allowances 14% if they do not work after midnight and if they work one midnight shift the allowance goes up to 22% and then they get weekend working allowances which can be as much as £150 per weekend extra on their daily rate of pay.

In our society we have anti social behaviour of many kinds barking dogs, music blasting out people, using sexual swear words in public the list is endless. Therefore, I feel the PCSO’s should be given powers to stop this antisocial behaviour give a person a warning and if they continue they get a £80 fixed penalty fine.

Warning would be recorded so that PCSO’s know who has been warned.

Why does this matter?

Improve our quality of life and stop the scum of our society getting away with their anti social behaviour.

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