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NERC 2006. S59 police reform act

Comment 1st August 2010

I am concerned that the introduction of some poorly thought out new laws, have had the effect of criminalizing hitherto law-abiding citizens, to the detriment of support for the work of the police and local councils.

Specifically, I would like to ask for the repeal of section 67 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act, 2006, on the grounds that this is a clumsy and poorly thought out statute, that has had an unfair and unreasonable impact on a significant part of the community. There has to be a better and fairer way to record and preserve ancients highways, so that they may be enjoyed by all users, rather than a selfish few.

This act, rather than solving problems has created absurd situations, such as;

Homes and villages with no vehicular access.

Byways, which are effective cul-de-sacs.

Sustainable routes closed to motorists (for example unsupported and heavy handed use of Traffic Restriction Orders)

Increased work for highway authorities, in this time for the need to reduce costs.

Influential pressure groups working to deny others access to rights of way.

Loss of amenity and the potential loss of the heritage and history, which makes our rights of way system so rich and varied.


I would also like to see the repeal of or amendment to Section 59 of the Police Reform Act.

This is effectively a punishment without appeal.

The use of this act has gone far beyond its stated aims to police ‘antisocial behaviour’ for a few specific applications and has become a ‘catch all’ tool for satisfying intolerant and vindictive attitudes.

Effectively, the law has encouraged lazy policed procedure and has criminalized previously law-abiding citizens unjustly.

It has now become possible for people to complain about others without having to declare themselves.

It has subverted the legal system, so that people can now be guilty until proved innocent.

It has opened the gate for hearsay evidence to become acceptable in law.

It has made it possible for police seizure of personal property to become commonplace.




I await your response with anticipation.

Rodger Davies,

9,Woodford copse,




tel. 07799 460641

Why does this matter?

As someone who works with youth groups and responsible motoring organisations, I must express my further concern that laws such as the above, have had a considerable effect on the way the justice system is viewed. The need to punish the few has led to the alienation of the many,

In the need to reduce costs and to preserve the essence of our respected legal system, the criminalisation and persecution of hitherto law-abiding citizens, by means of the introduction of poorly thought out and carelessly policed laws, can only be damaging to the population at large.

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