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Net Neutrality

Comment 4th February 2016

Anyone running an internet website, webshow, or other internet based communication in any form should be entitled to the exact same speed of communication to their customers as anyone else.

No ISP should be allowed to slow down selectively anyones website, for whatever reason.

Why does this matter?

As more and more of our media switchs to digital distribution, the people running the "roads" shouldn't be able to pick and choose who should pay more. It leads inevitiably to bias and throatling services that riveal their own.

If they can't offer the services they advertise. ("unlimited broadband for just…"), then thats their own fault for falsely advertising their capacity.

Likewise is the ISP's constant lies about Torrents being only used for illegal use and thus fair-game to stop or throatle.

One example of a totaly legal, independant, show is Pioneer One;

This is distributed by torrents and paid for by donations. It is this sort of artwork that could quite easily be killed of by ISPs. (and no dought "old media" will be presuring/bribing ISPs to do just that)

A policy demanding internet provider neutrality would not need active monitering by the government, or anything else costly. Just put it into law, and let the internet users themselves moniter and report when an ISP behaves badly. Theres enough "eyes" to enforce this for free, there just needs to be legal teath to back it up.


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