Never Mind New Laws – Enforce What We Have

There are numerous incidences every day of the Highway Code being flouted quite blatantly and dangerously.

Traffic Lights are being run through taking advantage of the delay – cyclists are a good example of this occurence (one was seen nearly hit by traffic that had the right of way).

Yellow Box discipline is appalling and 'honoured more in the breech than the observance'.

Local speed limits are not observed. Has any one been charged with exceeding a 20mph limit?

The use of the mobile phone whilst driving is a regularly seen occurrence.

The previous administration introduced a law and assumed that because they had introduced a law everyone would be very dutiful and honour that Law. It may be a surprise to some that not everyone does honour these laws.

Litter is an appalling problem. Why? Does no one have any pride in their environment? Does no one have any shame about the impact litter has on how others see our country? It is very expensive to clear rubbish and such a needless task because you are only restoring the area to how it was. And as for chewing gum…

As we go into the city at various times I can guarantee that all the above breaches will be observed, not just once but numerous times!

Why does this idea matter?

We need to instill a sense of personal responsibility into how we conduct our lives in our everyday interaction with others. Not to endanger others or place ourselves at risk.

There is no point having rules and laws if they are not enforced. People start to flout simple laws such as driving rules and they get away with it. For some that is easy so they may continue on to other more serious breaches of the law and still escape punishment because the basic rules are not properly enforced. Police the basics and it may just save more crime later because the public will know they will not get away with jumping a red light or parking illegally or exceeding the speed limits or entering a yellow-box when it is not appropriate. These laws are there for a reason – safety and consideration for other road users – not to be ignored so that a nano second of time can be saved for which you will not have a clue how to spend.

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