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New Benefit Allowance Idea saves money?

Comment 11th August 2010

Each claimant is issued with a payment card which looks like any other credit/debit card, allowances are paid to the card, the card can only be used for food, electric, gas, water, rent payments. A cash payment (possibly totalling 20% of allowance benefit would be issued for incidentals. This I believe would incentilise people to achieve a better life style. As the safety net would there, but there would only be a small proportion of the benefit available in cash, so people would need to work to be able to improve their lfestyle and get more money for spending. After all the system is a saftey net, not a lifestyle choice.

Why does this matter?

Huge fraud and cheating is going on every where, everyone knows somebody who isn’t I’ll, who is working and claiming or is living with someone and claiming, this idea might help putting off many people if they knew most of any benefit allowance would only be directly paid on a prepaid card. No sigma attached to it as the card would look like anybody elses

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