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New prison places

Comment 13th July 2010

We're told short prison sentences do not work, neither it would seem does community service – it needs to change!  Why not compel offenders to take up apprenticeships in the construction industry?  They can learn how to build a secure prison, nothing luxurious mind, just the bare minimum.  Think then, not only will they have learned valuable skills, they'll be able to take pride in living in the very accommodation they have helped construct. 


And, just a tongue-in-cheek suggestion — why not dismantle the entire Met office and employ Paul the Octopus to forecast the weather;  much cheaper and, almost certainly, far more accurate!

Why does this matter?

Because prisoners need to be properly punished, life on the inside should not be about leisure facilities etc.  Additionally, some might really take pride in learning new skills and realise there is an alternative to a life of crime.

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