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New Schools

Comment 19th July 2010

We need new schools but there just isn't the money to pay for them….

One thing that annoys me when travelling around this country is the number of empty office buildings that were built and stand empty.  It was all a con anyway.  Builder comes along and gets a bank loan and local government approval.  Then builder employs a company which he also owns to build it.  Afterwards he can't find a tenant and his first company goes into Liquidation and the Bank end up with another unwanted empty building. 

Now if we just owned the Banks, oh just minute we do own the Banks.  They accepted all our money to stop them going south for the winter. 

Nice new Buildings with large carparks (playgrounds)  Already with heating, lighting, cabling for computers and CCTV etc.  Fit some internal walls, build some fences and you have – A School…   and one less useless building. 

Hello, is anyone out there listening……   Common Sence, not used in Politics or Business. 





Why does this matter?

New Schools, very cheapo and quick and less empty office blocks

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