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Comment 16th August 2010

Parking on 'private' land is followed by fines and clamps being levied on 'offenders' by private organisations. It is clear – at least in big cities – that this has nothing to do with people abusing private land and has everything to do with making money. If people want to stop others from entering private roads, land, etc they can install barriers or place guards – as it is in the countryside for example. By and large such schemes in London more or less lure people to use them, then clamp or when this is not possible as motorist leaves, go to DVLA for personal details and pursue for money. The state is being used for private extortion of money under clear false pretences. Licensing clampers is not the option. It only legitimises extortion.

Why does this matter?

It is important as under current circumstances state bodies are being used by individuals to extort monies from citizens under clear false pretences. In effect it is a private sting operation and bodies like DVLA play a very active role in making sure perpetrators benefit. 

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