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Comment 19th August 2010

I cannot believe the current government are even having to consult on this.  The whole idea of registration for dental professionals is an outlandish waste of time and money for both the government and struggling practitioners.  It is just another classic example of the nanny-state pyramid of regulation that under Labour seemed to be never-ending. The whole exercise will merely replicate the work done by the GDC, PCT's and Health and Safety bodies as well as independent organisations like Denplan who carry out their own quality care programmes.   If purely private practices are a concern (and I don't believe they are), then extend the powers of the PCT to inspect these practices.  

Why does this matter?

Dentists are currently struggling to make ends meet with all the increased costs of cross-infection control.  We are already adequately regulated by the organisations noted above. Increasing the costs and administration even further, especially for NHS dental practitioners, is without question going to push more and more practitioners reluctantly into purely private practice and deny even more people access to NHS dental services.

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