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No Council Housing For Immigrants.

Comment 8th July 2016

I live in a council house on a large estate in Wakefield. My two children who have grown up & left home to start a family & new life both live 10 miles away & both in the opposite direction as they cannot get a council house near me & the rest of thier family and friends for app 6 or 7 years.

Yet this estate is full of immigrants with no family ties to this estate or area.

In my oppinion this not only drives families apart but puts extra pressure on them too when grandparents like myself need to babysit the grandchildren whilst the parents work,which mine do.

Why does this matter?

It is important that we keep families together,aswell as communities.

There are vast numbers of private rent houses,why should immigrant be allowed council housing when our families have to move into private rent or accept council houses miles away from their family & community.

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