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No Go Areas..Whites Not Welcome..

Comment 6th July 2010

Having been born in the UK & residing here all my life,it saddens me that there are 'No Go Areas' here. There are so many 'No Go' areas in the UK,its frightenening!

Im not overtly political,but this is scary. Why should we feel like outcasts in our own country & why have 'religions,races been allowed to form their own communities,usually from buying properties in an area,outcasting the native people.

I was involed in an incident only a few weeks ago where asian men blocked my car in,there was myself,my elderly mother,my son & my grandchild,and for no reason whatsoever they felt like they had to show their territory! 

I do believe that they should live in their own communities,and so should we,but we should not feel threatened just because we drive into an Asian community! I think policing in these areas should be stronger. They have their communities & we are not even allowed in these old mining villages that they have bought up,and now there are no houses they buy the ones on the council estates. So what about our community & way of life??? Obviously we cant win because we dont have families buying up property around here,we are subject to interst etc. What gives here? We live in old mining communities bought up by the asians,fine,but we are looked as scum when we enter their community!

And the Govt should rethink its policy on 'Multicultural'!

Why does this matter?

Because it is tearing families & communities apart. The Govt does not realize that it is causing segregation & making the native population outcasts.

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