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No Need to Renew Driving Licence Photo every 10 years

1 Comment 8th July 2010

Why have the driving licence photo renewed every 10 years? Do people really change that much in 10 years? I think not! This could be extended to every 20 years or preferably abolished all together, with the exception of a new licence at retirement / 70 or whichever was deemed most appropriate.

Why does this matter?

The administration of this new process is a job, created by the previous government as part of a red tape, personel tracking system and would save money in the DVLA department, as the department administering this could be reduced in size.

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One Response to No Need to Renew Driving Licence Photo every 10 years

  1. Lucy Winward says:

    Totally agree – if it must be every 10 years it should be free.. it is just another way of getting money out of us…(stealth tax)
    I’m particularly upset because my licence was 20+ years old (no photo!) and I changed to a photo one …not realising by doing that it was going to cost me £60+ in the long run!

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