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No Overnight Staying On British National Parks

Comment 19th July 2010

Unlike France and the majority of the EU , if you are travelling around the UK on Holiday or short trips (which is now what many people have to do due to circumstances etc) In mobile camper vans etc. You currently will get fined if you stop over on a national park between 11pm- 6am. This in todays Britain is wrong as many people only wish to stop for one night on the journey and move on. Sometimes opting for caravan camping sites is not an option or disirable. We should adopt the French/German attitude where camper vans are more welcomed and accepted and are able to stop dusk till dawn where it is safe to do so.

Why does this matter?

This is important because more and more people are having to stay in Britain for there trips and having this attitude towards them alienates this most practical of solutions to Holiday and travel around Britain. Not all of us enjoy staying in designated field surrounded by hedges cones!

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