No personal responsibility for electricians in employment

At the moment electricians employed by a company are held personally repsonsible for any accident that happens and they could lose their homes and all their money.  I can understand this if you are self employed and there is a death but even then to take your home away from you to compensate that individual is pretty ludicrous.  My husband was going to start his own business after being made redundant – he has been a highly qualified maintenance electrician for many years but the complicated regulations and laws persuaded him not to.  this country needs more businesses not less.  Please look at these laws, we need our liberty given back to us – we are adults and we should be treated as such.  The health and safety laws are ludicrous and have gone way beyond protection whilst at work, they also need looking at to encourage more small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Why does this idea matter?

To deregulate this area would improve conditions for both empoyers and employees.  Highly qualified people employed to do a complex jopb such as maintenance work need to feel that they can execute their job without fear.

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