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No Sharia Law in Britain

1 Comment 11th July 2010

There nshould be one law for all not a seperate law system for a religious group.

Sharia law does not belong in Britain which is a secular democratic state.

We do not have a seperate law system for any other religious group so why should the muslims be allowed sharia law which contravenes our laws such as:

contravenes the sex discrimination act

comtravenes the human rights act

conmtravenes anti discrimination laws regarding sexuality.

No more sharia laws in Britian restore womens human rights

Why does this matter?

Muslims came here to get away from the fundamentalist islamic mindset of their home countries only to find that Britian now allows Sharia law which discriminates against women and is against human rights.

muslims want to live in a secular Britain where there is religious tolerance but at the same time, where religions are not allowed to contravene peoples human rights.

If people come here they should abide by our laws not their own seperate laws.By allowing sharia laws creates more seperation and less integration.

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One Response to No Sharia Law in Britain

  1. gary says:

    bad idea … i know not all of islam is bad , but when these muslim set shira law in this country my opion is if you can’t execpt our law and relgion then fuck off to a cave in iran or any where in the middle east , but do not bring your evil relgion over to europe and try and force us to believe in your crap . becuase i will fight to the end against you cowards trying to force your evil relgion on christans (e.t.c) on others … how would you like it if we put a load off christan church in the middle east and tell you had to execpt and behave like us .. you lot don’t preach god but the devil . but you only use relgion as a excuse . if i saw your poster’s up saying this is a shira law bourough , town , city in my fucking country i will rip it down and ignore it . how fucking dare you gutless twats come over to the uk and execpt our jobs or benfits and bring your evil relgion with you ! if only people in this country would vote ukip , bnp to see this is the only way foward in this country ….

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