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non-EU prisoners

Comment 6th July 2010

I do not know which specific law insists non-EU passport holders found guilty of offences here and given custodial sentences must serve them in this country but as that is the practice there must be one. The matter needs investigation. Why are they not returned to their country of origin to serve the sentence?

Why does this matter?

This would ease prisoner numbers making less need for new prisons (financial saving); it would discourage offences in the first place (social & financial benefits); reduce incarceration costs (food, clothing, medical, interpreters, etc) and administration pressures; it would also partly address the low-key concerns regarding immigration of a section of the population (nothing will allay the bigotted xenophobic element); address the administrative problems of deportation when they have completed their sentence experienced between the prison service, the border authoritiesand statistic recording which adds to the public perception of illegal residence. It would be necessary to set a level and/or type of offence, would not be suitable for certain countries and may only apply to a comparatively small number of offenders. However, the positive effect in various areas makes this worthy of consideration.

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