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non reduction or switch of of FM radio

Comment 8th July 2010

The idea of scrapping millions of radios for other units that use more power is bizare. There seems to be an unnecessary rush to change over and force an consumer demand. We should be looking at a general reductionalist strategy to consumer goods not creating one. If there has to be a change over then make it over 20 years and do not reduce the coverage or quality of FM in an underhand way of making people change. Wait till the last car with an FM radio is scrapped before the earliest considered change over if at all.

Why does this matter?

The reduction in the energy consumption by everyone is important  for many reasons. These include energy security, protection of the biome and biodiversity, conservation of materials, reduction in atmospheric carbon and stabalisation of climate change. The creation of another consumer requirement is totally pointless and is counter to any logical global energy and emissions balance. The general consumer market is full of items that have no real place in the lives of the population. To make a perfectly satisfactory service and set of consumer durables redundant seems to have all the hall marks of bad industry lobbying of weak and mindless government.

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