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Ofcom reports

Comment 1st August 2010

I  believe that the system where one person complains to OFCOM and a report "complaint upheld"! is WRONG.

How much time and money does this cost?

Scrap this Mary Whitehouse hangover – it was OK when we had a few channels but now it is out of date.

We have warnings and pin access on TV channels – if you don't not like a programme switch off.

At OFCOM – It must work something like this: Meetings to analyse complaints,arrange to view programme,view programme – not sure if it offends –  view with Senior Manager. Meeting to agree that an OFCOM rule is breached. Prepare report and run past legal before publication – publish – ITS CRAZY AND IT WASTES A LOT OF MONEY !



Why does this matter?

It is important because OFCOM not only wastes money it is an irrelevant function.

To save money and help the country out of recession we should no longer have to pay for self important bureaucracy's such as OFCOM.

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