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old cautions should not appear on an enhanced CRB

1 Comment 3rd July 2010

If a teacher had a caution for shoplifing or using a train without a pass when say they were 16 they have to declare it even after 50 years later if they go for a job.If it is stepped down it shows up in the "other relevant information". Surely young people make mistakes and this should not be held against them for the rest of their working life. Most employers want a clean CRB.  

Why does this matter?

The retaining of old cautions is making unnecessary criminals of people. Everyone makes mistakes this should not prevent them from entering a "professional" career. 

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One Response to old cautions should not appear on an enhanced CRB

  1. fremarsolutions says:

    This is a pretty good idea. Why punish people on one hand whilst on the other the govmnt preach change an giving people a second chance. Condemning people for the rest of their lives just for their cautions is utterly ridiculous, no wonder why most deprived societies resort to crime cause they know the mistakes of their youth will be haunting them for life. So i upprot scrapping these cautions now

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