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Comment 23rd July 2010

Investigating their role in society and who benefits from them.

Why does this matter?


IAs a citizen and Humanitarian business person I am discovering the "Duty Of Care" that was normal in our society has disappeared and our Councils and Big Businesses, eg  BT,Sky, Banks etc are operating with Bully Boy tatics and no concern for their clients.  I am having disputes with some of them. I was told the Ombusmans are there to help us solve  our problems but when I get in contact with them, they don't seem to care about the comsummers at all; they are there to protect the Big Businesses and our rights are trampled upon.

I cannot understand the reason for their existance when the Big Businesses are already controlling our lives to suit themselves, with no Care for the stress they are applying especially on young people. 

We want our citizen rights back and these corrupt Bully Boys out of our Nation.

I hope they are not being paid by the Government because they are totally useless and just fooling the people.

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