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On the nature of risk

Comment 19th July 2010

While health safety regulations are obviously ncessary and important, there has in the recent past been a flood of quite indiscrimnate regulations, some of which are quite absurd *9.e.g the danger of playing wiyh conkers). Whenever a few incidents occurred, a new rule was introduced. That was a consequence of the illusion that legislation can eliminate all risks. Practically any activity, e.g. crossing the road, entail some risk, and thatis a feature of life. Those who dream up the trivial rules seem to have no conception of probablity; altrnatively, they may be bureaucrats seeking to jsutify their existence.

Why does this matter?

The plethora of trivial rules engenders the feeling that they need not be taken seriously, so that people tend to ignore even thoe that are really important.

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