Ongoing Competency in Certificates of Technical Competency

Dear Sir,


Firstly I would like to thank you for the opportunity to submit an idea.  This is a refreshing idea from the new coalition government.


I would like to bring to your attention an item of increased legislation that is of little or no use, and are of considerable cost to local business.


The item in question is that of Ongoing Competency in Certificates of Technical Competency.   These certificates were awarded to people who hand trained and shown a level deemed to be to such a standard that they were worthy of this professional qualification.  The training and assessment for the professional qualification was considerable and as such the Environment Agency told us that this qualification was for life.  It was also necessary to obtain this to continue operating any Waste Handling Facility.  Recently however they have told us that we must undergo further training and assessment to continue any work in this area.  We must now take a multi-choice test to ensure that we are still technically competent.  Firstly I find this an insult to the year of work it took for me to past and obtain this qualification and secondly I find it to be of little or no use in ensuring that standards are being met.

Why does this idea matter?

It time to cut back on some of the unnecessary legislation introduced by the last Government.  The operating cost to business is already very high, we need less cost not more.

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