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Open the microgeneration market

Comment 10th July 2010

Abolish the quango which administers the MCS (Microgeneration certification scheme) as this limits the number of products and installers that can be used in conjunction with a feed-in tariff.

This serves only to skew the marketplace for new entrants by creating an artificial  price differential between certified and non certified products with identical specifications.



Why does this matter?

The MCS creates a counter-productive barrier to entry for firms who wish to enter the renewables marketplace as installers, retailers or R&D.

If I were to prototype a novel design (I have a few) or build a custom project to fit specific geology, it would not be elligable for the UK feed-in tarriff. As it stands, when I secure funding I plan to take my designs to the mainland, where they are much more sensible.

The Portugese model is a good example.

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