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Organ Donation Register – your choice is respected.

Comment 7th July 2010

If you have signed up for the Organ Donor Register, your wishes should be respected in the event of your death. Currently, the relatives/guardian of an individual must give their consent to the harvesting of organs after death, and can refuse to do so, regardless of the expressed wishes of the deceased. This needs to be amended under law.

Why does this matter?

The family of a suddenly deceased person may be in no fit state to make such a decision. The medical staff are placed in the incredibly difficult position of invading the grief to request the donation, and have to discuss difficult options. If your son has just died, do you really want to consider if his heart can be salvaged, and by the way, can we take his eyes as well?

Even if the deceased carries an organ donor card and has registered their wishes and intent on the main register, they could tattoo 'I want to be an organ donor' across their chest and it would still be left to the choice of a grieving relative.

If you have been correctly identified as a donor, your wishes should take absolute precedence in the even tof your death. Legislation should be brought in to ensure this occurs.


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