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Outlaw DVD regional zoning restrictions

Comment 28th March 2015

It should be illegal to sell DVD players which have "regional code" restrictions.

Why does this matter?

When you buy a DVD player, you should be able to watch what you like. I have bought (legal) DVDs from all over the world. But I can’t watch a Japanese DVD, for example, without changing the zone. And I can only change the zone five times. After that, supposedly, I should buy a new DVD player. What a rip-off!

Retailers should be forbidden from selling hardware with such restrictions, for my sake and for theirs. Right now, they are not only restricting my freedom to enjoy the things I have paid for, but also encouraging me to go out and find someone who can “crack” my player, thus introducing me to a shady world of people who know how to break the rules. It’s a slippery slope. After that, I get into pirating software and the rest is history.

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