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Overhaul the Law.

Comment 3rd July 2010

As the Title.

Why does this matter?

From studying the Law, it is in need of a massive overhaul, several governement sponsered reports have confirmed this Wolf etc.


These reports have made excellent reform measures, however, they do not get acted upon due to government losing heart to act, when the opposition paints these reforms in negative light and spins for there own political goals. Such as at present LAbour hammering the Coalition over cuts when cuts are a necessity.

The result is a law system that is not up to the task, have a look at what is classed as Insanity for a start.

We now have judges being left to decide new policy, when that is not there job, recent rulings on assisited suicide is an example, this is governemnts job to make these decisions, not the courts.

Also under LAbour there was massive manipulation of the legal system to suit there own political agenda rather than what was in the best interest of the nation, this needs to be corrected, as justice and the citizens access to fairness in the justice system has been seriously undermined ove rthe last 13 years.

Example the CPS deciding on the basis of cost whether to prosecute or not, justice is now determined cost and that is against the spirit of the law, everyone is entitled to there day in court regardless to cost if they feel agrieved.


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