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Overpopulated prisons – free non-violent offenders!

Comment 6th July 2010

Our prisons are overpopulated yet we continue to incarcerate non-violent criminals.

Why not categorise criminals, leaving only the violent, criminally insane and child-abusers 'inside' and giving community service sentences to those who, for example, are (first-time?) offenders in theft/unarmed-burglary, motoring offences, embezzlement, etc.

Finding a job and reimbursing their victims, or doing community work, could be a condition of freedom, perhaps with compulsory education classes.

There would be less work for the Prison Probation Services, but these could be re-assigned to working within the community to ensure that those on community service fulfil their obligations.

Repeat offenders, however, could – as a last resort – face imprisonment.

Why does this matter?

Prisons are costly to the tax payer – and small-time offenders can (and often are) corrupted by other offenders with whom they come into contact, in prison.


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