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Oversized Exhausts

1 Comment 13th July 2010

Definitely would support ban on over sized exhausts on vehicles.

Why does this matter?

Only purpose of this bit of kit is  to create noise and annoyance.  Most vehicles with these are driven by young folk –   "Empty vessels make the most noise" comes to mind.  No-one with a bit of sense and a decent vehicle would have this on a car/bike.


I would like some peace and quiet at night and during the weekend when these types of vehicles seem to be prevalent.  Also people who work shifts and try to sleep have to contend with the noise during the day.


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One Response to Oversized Exhausts

  1. kevin bostock says:

    If you are unfortunate to live near a road the noise from modified exhausts ruins your sleep ruins sitting in your garden on a sunny day and basicaly makes your life a misery at times new vehicles go by without hardly any noise then some overweight overaged nob head in his scooby trying to impress god knows who makes my windows shake he doesnt realise what a prat he looks and how much people like me detest him and other like him their is no need for this noise and it should be stopped

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