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Overturn unfair criteria of Criminal Injuries Board

Comment 6th July 2010

As it stands in familial sexual abuse cases, if  the injury or sexual assault happened before October 1 1979 and you were living with that person as a member of their family, you are not entitled to claim.

This is a complete travesty of justice. How can a child who suffered sexual abuse on 30 Sept 1979 be any less deserving than a child who suffered 1 day later.

The child would in most cases have had no choice whatsoever as to whether they lived in the same house as their abuser.

Overturn this barbaric rule. There should be retrospective awards to cover all bases.

Why does this matter?

For justice & common sense. To help victims of child abuse, instead of somehow reinforcing the notion that it was their fault. To bring about more retrospective prosecutions of child abusers.

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