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Pace needs to change

Comment 16th August 2010

Pace i am told was to help civilians, not true the polise have abused this power. i would like to know when there is going to be a change in pace, i was a victim of this due to a ex partner being charged with fraud i have lost my career in nursing have experienced corruption within the police force, even when ther searched my home they stole money damaged belongings assulted my son and verbally abused me in front of my three year old. And thats are lovely police force today. after four years they still have a restraint order on my house, car etc and not returned my paperwork and photos, my life has been ruined and is still be ruined soon i will losing my house because i simply cannot afford the mortgage and guess what im not allowed to sell. It is wrong that they go through the paperwork after someone is convicted it should be done from the start of the investigation, then maybe innocent people like my self can continue to live their life. Its going to interesting to see how my enchanced crb report come back as.

Why does this matter?

Will prevent innocent people going through what iam still experiencing. The police should have more evidence not just reasonable doubt .

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