Since the Digital Economy Act (DEA) was passed rapidly at the end of the last government, there is an assumption that you are guilty of copyright infringement unless you can prove your innocence. Copyright holders can make an allegation to your ISP that your are infringing copyright, and you automatically go onto a "watch list" of infringers unless you can prove that it wasn't you.

Please repeal the sections of the DEA relating to online copyright infringement and restore the requirement for copyright holders to prove your guilt, rather than leaving you to prove your innocence.

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Repeal Section 44 (Terrorism Act 2000)

Police car

Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000 gives wide-ranging stop-and-search powers to the Police without requiring prior reason, these are used frequently to stop photographers, campers, members of parliament, cricketers and BBC staff from undertaking their normal day-to-day activities:

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