We have bought a building plot but after establishing the services and servitude to access a private road and after paying solicitor, engineer re flood risk assessment and builder etc we cannot afford to do the new build. We can only afford to upgrade our static caravan to make it a permanent residence. My husband can make it look to blend in with our surroundings as he is a retired builder. However the council will not allow us to do this. We are so disillusioned by this as we have made the plot look neat and presentable where before it was a rough overgrown plot.

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Stop all benefits to immigrants

brick lane

stop all forms of benefits being cliamed by non british people jsa esa child benefit tax credits housing benefits free health care and also just stop eu immigration fullstop as it has ruined most east midland towns as non british workers being employed by gang agencys and stoping british people from finding work

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Information re safe stopping distances and speed limits should to my mind be at the beginning of general information at 103 and not at 126 half way through. Speed, safe distance and stopping distances are all important right from the beginning and not how to give signals. etc. Sect 126 the 2 second rule is ambiguous and should be more factual and start at 2 seconds but go up at speeds shown in the safe stopping distances appropriately. So if the stopping distance at 60 miles per hour is 240ft [HC}and the distance travelled per second is 90ft then its more appropriate to have a 3 second gap and not a 2 second one. 3 seconds at 60mph.meaning a distance travelled of 270ft. a much safer distance than the 2 second gap of only 180ft. .

A safer distance on a motorway would again be the 3 second rule… at 70 mph a vehicle travels at 105ft per second and thus in 3 seconds it will travel 315ft or basically the 100 mtrs. The distance of the little white marker posts painted blue and red. on the side of the hard shoulder. Also of the 3 blue exiting off signs when driving towards a slip road off the motorway.

The 2 second rule is difficult for drivers to make that calculation finding an object and then counting 2 seconds correctly. What I suggest is that as street lighting in towns at 30 and 40 mph mph varies between 90 and 120 ft it is easy to be that distance between oneself and the vehicle in front. By doing so they are no longer tailgating at say 30 or 40ft but the fuller safer full stopping distance should that vehicle in front come to a sudden stop. On country roads at 50 and 60 mph. the Safer Space would be 2 lamp posts apart. Where no lamp posts exist then by allowing that space previously drivers would begin to be able to determine that space themselves.

Many driver believe that they are safe at that shorter distance because they have miss read the HC about sudden slowing and stopping. They allow something like only the thinking distance and when they see the brake lights of the vehicle in front come on they brake also in tandem so to speak. They fail to recognise that if the vehicle in front does stop suddenly in a short distance having hit something then they will have no chance to avoid a collision and generally will complain that it was not their fault as they had no time to brake. Many accidents of this nature occur on the motorways where insufficient space is given in relation to the speed or in town urban scenarios with heavier traffic.

So I believe for modern day driving a change of attitude towards Safe Space is Necessary and forget the now overated attitude that we have with speed .
It needs tidying up and bringing forward to the beginning of driving and drivers awareness., To have Safe Space in front of one is to be driving alone with fewer dangers.

PS the two chevron rule on a motorway is not the full stopping distance at 70 mph and so can be dangerous if followed./adopted.

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The Hc makes mention when you can overtake and pass over the solid white lines such as a horse or a cyclist or a road maintenance vehicle. and that’s all. what happened to cattle sheep, cows, pedestrians. Also apparently you can overtake a horse or horses if ridden or walked but if its part of a cart or carriage then you CANT OVERTAKE if its a gypsy caravan say or a rig. now that seems silly. Also all things that can be overtaken must be doing less than 10 mph. so if its say a tractor fully loaded going uphill AT 20 mph then more fool you if you attempt an overtake.

I do feel that there are to many limitations and the regulations and/or advise should be looked at.

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