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Comment 2nd July 2010

Restrict personal fortunes to a solid figure,  thus removing the means of generating financial inequality and class separation. Mandate the donation of excess funds to charities or their requisition for the public purse to pay for higher education, the NHS and so forth.

Why does this matter?

Many in control of large corporations are sitting on vast fortunes, which they are using for the good of only themselves. Everyone has the right to succeed financially, to be well off if they have earned it, but not at the expense of the public, their services and their quality of life. Beyond a certain figure (say 10 million pounds) the fortunes amassed by individuals are of no good use to those individuals, and are increasingly likely to be used for nefarious purposes (for example engineering coups like Mark Thatcher). This money starts off with we, the public, we pay it in charges and taxes, and it should be returned to us. We should not be born into national debt expecting to become personally indebted on top of this when the means exist to eradicate that debt and generate equality amongst all people. Take into account also that the bulk of the national debt has been accrued fighting wars on drugs, the middle east and so forth that the people of this nation have been opposed to since they were instigated, and that the first large private debt accrued by most individuals is in the attendance of universities for degrees which are now seemingly mandatory for reasonable and gainful employment. This debt based economic system is morally totally unjustifiable.

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