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Peddlars Act

2 Comments 2nd July 2010

The Victorian Peddlars Act should now be repealed.  Numerous attempts have been made in the past via Private members Bills to do this, none have succeeded. 

Why does this matter?

At present any so called peddlar can get a Peddlars Certificate from any Police station and use the Certificate anywhere in the Uk to make legal selling any goods in a street or market.  This can bring large numbers of so called peddlars into streets like Cornmarket in Oxford and there is no legal method of moving these people on.  The only way to deal with this nuisance is – as in Reading – to enact a local by-law – which is a lengthy and expensive process.  In Oxford these so called peddlars are a nuisance and shopkeepers worry about their effect on legitimate trade.  The Act of Parliament is a left over from another age and now is the chance to at last get rid of it.

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2 Responses to Peddlars Act

  1. Angela Owens says:

    I disagree with these views because they would discriminate against people on a low income. Further to this, it would allow councils and property owners to have an unreasonable monopoly on pitches and rents and cause the cost of these to rise, further excluding people from prohibitive and competitive trade. Pedlars’ add competition and colour to a street. Peddling is the bottom rung on a ladder.

  2. derrell dixson says:

    This is a terrible idea, which targets those with the least money and most ambition.. Why are pedlars not ‘legitimate’?

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