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Pensioners migrating abroad should not have pensions frozen.

1 Comment 22nd February 2015

UK pensioners should all be entitled automatically to the statutory increases in state pensions but this is not the case at present.

Pensioners who have children living abroad, eg in Australia, often consider migrating to spend their latter years with their families.   Something that can put them off doing this is that increases in the UK state pension are not allowed for those going to certain countries [such as Australia].  This is desperately unfair to UK nationals who have earned their pensions and have a right to them.  It is a deterrent to the natural inclination to be with children and families in people's declining years.  It is a denial of their human rights.

The cost to the UK of allowing the increases would be offset by the fact that the burden of care in those last years of life would be removed from UK services such as the NHS and Social Services.   Full state pension rights including increases should be restored to these hard-working and deserving older people.

A start could be made by granting the state pension increases to those migrating to join their children or families in Australia and New Zealand – but preferably to all areas right away.

Why does this matter?

This is important because in principle it is a human rights issue, and in practice it is unfair.  The present regulation targets people who can do nothing to change it, and the case so far does not seem to have been made a public issue.

Communications such as e-mail, skype, etc, have made it easier for families to keep in touch.  But they cannot replace actual human contact and the satisfaction and pleasure that are embodied in the natural inclination for grandparents to live close to chldren and families.

Denying state pension increases does not make emigration impossible, but it does make it more difficult and involves serious financial sacrifice which should not be expected of this and future generations of pensioners.

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One Response to Pensioners migrating abroad should not have pensions frozen.

  1. James Nelson says:

    Totally Insane. Not the idea which the author puts forward, but the totally insane discrimination, which has not basis in logic. Why is it that pensioners living in Canada have their pensions frozen, while those just across the border have their pensions indexed? Oh sure, there is a reciprocal agreement with USA, forcing UK to index pensions. But there is no logic in the selection of countries given such treatment.

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